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In summer, less clothing and frequent skin contact with bed sheets can lead to mite bites. Dermatitis caused by excessive exposure to insect repellent or sunscreen. Fungus infection on towels due to humid air in summer. Sun dermatitis from too much sun exposure. All these reasons can cause your skin to become itchy and red. In severe cases, it can even lead to recurrent and irreversible skin inflammation.

 Our soft-textured brushes with over 1000 very fine bristles deeply cleanse your skin to better reduce damage caused by fungi and mites on your skin.


Soft and non-invasive to the skin: The brush is made of more than 1000 PBT microfibers, soft and non-invasive to the skin, it will not make you feel tingling and will not leave visible scratches on your skin.

Deep cleaning: The extremely fine bristle brush is able to carry away dirt and mites from the skin surface when it touches the skin, reducing damage to the skin and relieving itching and redness.

Storeable body wash: Pour the body wash into the handle to prevent excessive contact with air, more hygienic and safer.

Quick drying is not easy to breed bacteria: No brush is very fine, so it is easy to be blown dry under ventilated conditions, not easy to breed bacteria, the gap between the brush is larger, more ventilation than ordinary towels and bath balls.

Extended handle: The extended handle design allows you to clean the back more easily and is more conducive to thorough cleaning.

Massage for relaxation: By repeatedly rubbing the body back and forth, it can have a massage effect and relax the mind.


Material: PP, PS

Size: 36cm / 14.2inch

Color: Pink, Yellow, Grey, Green

Design: Simple

Occasion: Home

Package: 1*Long Handle Bath Massage Cleaning Brush


Please allow slight measurement deviations due to manual measurement.

Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures.


Hussain West
Verified Buyer

Awesome for scrubbing my back and reaching my toes. I had an abdominal surgery recently and had a lot of trouble reaching those areas. This brush really helped. It’s strong, sturdy, and the grip holds really well on it. Also, I like that it has a really soft side and a slightly more abrasive side. The abrasive side isn’t super coarse, but gives enough scrub for a person’s back.

Virgil Newman
Verified Buyer

The brush is very well made and a great value for the price. There are soft bristles on one side of the head and somewhat stiffer bristles on the opposite side. So take your pick for a soft scrub or a more vigorous massage. The size of the bristle head a generous and gets the scrubbing done fast. No complaints and it seems like it is built to last a long time in a wet environment. This replaced a plastic scrub brush I had that shattered when it fell onto the tile floor. Being made of wood, I expect to not have a problem like that with this brush.

Stefanie David
Verified Buyer

I bought this after having been temporarily disabled and unable to wash my back easily. This has made showering so much easier. I rub some soap on the soft bristles and clean & massage my back & should blades... ahhhh! Feels sooooo good! The soft side does not rub me raw. If you do not like the bristles directly on your skin, soapy up a wash cloth, wrap it around the brush head and use it on your back.

Bibi Church
Verified Buyer

This back scrubber appears to be built to last. Nice wood appearance. It has plenty of reach for me, rubber grip & slight arch make it easy to hold. (I'm 5' 6") It has a stiffer & softer side. My softness rating is subjective, of course, but it's fine for me

Shanai Todd
Verified Buyer

This is a great back brush. The length is perfect. The slip-free grip does its job well. One side (the "inner" side of the curve) has sturdy and somewhat rough bristles, but that's what I like and it if it's too rough for you, you can use gentle pressure and slowly increase the pressure. Chances are very good that you'll get used to it. Or, of course, you can use the other side which is very gentle (too gentle for me). It appears to be very well constructed. After my shower I hang it outside of the shower so it is less likely to develop mildew or mold. I've only had the brush for a couple of weeks so I'm not really sure how well it will hold up. It comes with a lifetime warranty which is hard to believe, but that's what it says. So far this seems like a great product at a great price.

Ruairidh Corona
Verified Buyer

I had tossed hubby’s former shower brush—it was wicked old and I thought he didn’t use it (oops!). I had to find a much better replacement - and I DID!! He’s very happy with it, states it really works well, and he even uses the soft side on his face and neck. For him to tell me how much he likes the replacement is truly monumental. We highly recommend this dual sided, long handled shower brush.

Javier Lowry
Verified Buyer

I looked at many different shower brushes before settling on this one. I had a few criteria: it had to seem well enough made that it wouldn’t fall apart in short order; it had to not slip out of my hand when wet and soapy; I had to be able to reach with a good enough angle to scrub my whole back with the brush head flush against my skin; and lastly, the bristles had to be stiff enough to give a good scrub. This brush ticks all the boxes, and it looks good to boot. What really set this one apart from others is the slight curve in the handle. That curve allows for a better scrub angle. I hope this brush holds up.

Ayyan Ramirez
Verified Buyer

Loving everything about this brush! It’s great for use in the shower to clean. Has a firm side and a soft side. It is also great as a back scratcher when you have that magic spot you can’t quite reach. I feel like to stays cleaner than a wash cloth since the bristles move and can be thoroughly cleaned while in the shower. I typically use a heavy duty cleaner once a week while cleaning the shower as well so that I know it stays sanitized. Very happy with the handle and grip as well. Sturdy and made from quality materials.

Wojciech Cain
Verified Buyer

The soft side feels just stiff enough to do the job. The stiff side surprisingly feels just stiff enough but not too stiff. When you want to perhaps remove some dead skin (exfoliate?) that's the side you use. The hanging loop works well also. I actually run a small fan to ventilate my shower when I'm done. That dries the brush and shower preventing any mold from forming. I recommend this back brush.

Blake Sumner
Verified Buyer

Quality at a low price! This was bought as just a replacement for a plastic shower back scratch that had broken and the handle plastic had worn off so it was dropped often. .Using this was so nice as the wood will not break(at least I doubt it) and the one side being soft bristles and the other side harder. Hard bristles are still soft and many so coverage areas are done quick. Hangs nicely on the shower caddy. This is a keeper.

Deacon Marks
Verified Buyer

The best back scrubber I’ve ever purchased, hands down. It’s long enough for petite me and large partner. I bought it at his request but I ordered one for me too. The curve is perfect and the rubber on the lotus wood handle means no dropping on sensitive toes. He used both sides and liked them both. He has very thIn skin that tears easily and it cleaned his back well but was gentle. Lifetime warranty is an added bonus. Thank you!!!

Ezekiel Reese
Verified Buyer

I bought this in spite of some reviews that said the bristles were too soft. One side was very soft and the other side worked as advertised not too soft at all for my skin. Thought it was just right. Another review showed a photo of it that had mildew. I just got it but i think if you rinse all of the soap out of it and hang it up that would not be an issue. I would recommend this product.

Drake Rawlings
Verified Buyer

I like my brushes a bit on the stiff side. And I go through a lot of different styles and manufacturers for this kind of product - its hard to find the perfect balance. At one point I had about 8 different ones hanging in my shower lol

Mica Bowman
Verified Buyer

After 6 month of using the scrub I got to say it is a good scrub. Enjoy the type of person who doesn't like a deep scrub then I don't recommend this scrub for you. The bright side is that there is a harder scrub on one side and softer scrub on another side. However I still think the soft side of the scrub is still a little bit deep scrubbing for me. If you like Korean scrubbing feeling than I recommend you this prefect scrub. Overall it is worth my money.

Isabelle Freeman
Verified Buyer

- One of the brushes is plenty stiff to really clean your back. - Having two different brushes is a great idea and a good value. - The handle has a comfortable plastic grip so the brush won't slip in your soapy hand.

Leopold Henry
Verified Buyer

When I was growing up my parents had a back brush from Fuller Brush company. It lasted so many years and finally gave up the ghost after about 30 years. Fuller no longer makes a brush like that one so this is as close as I can get for not a lot of money. It works well and I like the rubber handle which is actually hand sized.

Edith Hibbert
Verified Buyer

Finally a back scrubber that has some hardness to it. Others I have purchased are so soft I do not feel like I am getting a good scrub with them. This one does a great job. One side is the soft bristle like others I have had but the other side has stiff bristles which helps exfoliate my back.

Coby Hansen
Verified Buyer

I have been looking for a shower brush that would hold up to what I put it through and so far so good. I appreciate the soft bristles on one side for my softer areas and I can surely appreciate the coarser side for my legs and feet areas. The stretch for me is EVERYTHING and the fact that it has the grip makes it easy to hold when you have soapy hands.. Would definitely recommend.

Kiyan Camacho
Verified Buyer

I am impressed with how comfortable this is to use. I have arthritis and it does not hurt to use this to scrub my back. The bristle are comfortable as well, my back is really sensitive and the bristle do not hurt at all! I must add that I only use the "soft" side. I am sure the other side is fine for others.

Shaan Benjamin
Verified Buyer

I've always gotten bacne here and there but the beginning of 2022 it got bad for some reason so I got this. Within A week of using it every other day while showering my back cleared up.

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