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This six joint lure is held together by a special proprietary fiber that is actually stronger than Kevlar and will never come apart.


That’s why we chose to make this swimbait out of hardened fibers to prevent any toothy fish from tearing a joint or even poking a hole in its body, which in turn would prevent the swimbait from doing its job.




We have selected the most iconic and common fish. That’s because we want anglers to be able to confidently choose the bait that closely resembles the real fish pattern and is best suited for their particular watershed.


Unlike any other traditional fishing lures, featuring a thick, hand-sprayed clear coat that resists any type of paint chipping that would normally be caused by normal use. It’s also an added factor when it comes to this truly long-lasting swim lure.


Features an incredible life-like design and mobile mode in the water. Its 3D eyes help make the lure look more realistic to help it match its realistic pattern. It also features a small stainless steel bell built into the head of the lure that makes a subtle sound for an extra touch of pain. All in all, this helps the fish make impulsive strikes without thinking twice.


Fast, jerky and consistent rebound is the best peak performance to produce rebound, helping it to produce lifelike character and incredible responsive shock! A good sized snack for any bass, crappie, catfish, perch, pike and more, and even in some cases saltwater fish such as bass, perch, fluke and cod find this a “delicious” snack!

Product Specification

Product Size: 10cm

Material: ABS Plastic


Product Package

Simulated Mini Knotty Lure Fake Bait × 1



Due to manual measurements, please allow slight measurement deviations.

Due to the different display and lighting effects, the actual color of the item may

be slightly different from the color displayed on the picture.



Enrico Burke
Verified Buyer

We all caught fish, but my daughter caught a 3 lb largemouth and 8 lb lake trout on the perch pattern “knock off.” Is it better than a Dark Sleeper? I don’t know. But it did not perform any worse. And despite the teeth on that laker and hooking a few pickerel, the lure held up with minor cuts. Well worth the money.

Camilla Parsons
Verified Buyer

I decided to surprise my husband by ordering them. He was super excited about them when they arrived and said a bunch of stuff about how realistic they look when in the water, and how durable the hook is. He's gone fishing with them a few times now and each time comes home telling me how glad he is that I bought them. So, if you're looking for a gift for the fisherman or woman in your life, apparently these are awesome and will earn you some major points.

Musa Adams
Verified Buyer

I’m a minnow crankbait fan for fishing bass. I happened across these guys and decided to give them a go. Out of the box I really liked their weight. They cast nicely and get down quickly. The covered hook lets me work around stuff without collecting trash or getting snagged. They have nice tail action in the water. They aren’t pretty and their color schemes were questionable but they do regularly catch fish so who am I to complain. One thing I would note based on my experience; when the bass hit these they seem to gulp them. I have had to retrieve every one of these deep from the fishes mouth. Not really a big deal but a side note to potential buyers. Good luck and good fishing.

Elinor Robles
Verified Buyer

Works great when bites are tough Several good colors for matching local bait fish or water adjusting to water color Virtually weedless, can slowly flip or jig off bottom Swims great, looks identical to bait fish that like to follow it back in Durable. They take a beating well after being hit on all day.

Hilda Aguilar
Verified Buyer

These lures work great especially on bass and crappie. I had a lot of good strikes, constant strikes. These lures have great action and trigger many bites. Hit off the bottom a few times, reel up, jig a bit then reel about halfway to the surface. If no hits, repeat. I love that I can fish in a heavy weed cover without snags. They are very durable, high quality lures for a great price. I will definitely be buying more of these lures and keep them in my tackle-box!

Isis Haley
Verified Buyer

Great quality fishing lures! these fishing lures come in a super safe package ! I am very happy sin a while back I got some that come in a thin plastic bag, also I must say that they are ultra sharp and they are also very soft, nice to the touch when handling!

Chardonnay Marshall
Verified Buyer

The first cast and boom!!!! I’m telling ya, these little lures work for bass. They absolutely can’t resist em.. lost a couple on something that snagged them in the water (maybe a tree limb) but by gosh, the bass love em!! I will be buying more when I’m down to my last one… brilliant idea, whoever came up with these lil fellas!! Bravo 👏👏

Areebah Fulton
Verified Buyer

After casting for about 30 minutes with a different lure with no success, I threw this paddle tail on for the first time ever. This was the result of the very first cast. Not the biggest fish in the lake, but I was impressed. Got a few more throughout the day, and even more that I couldn’t land. When these get beat up or lost, I will definitely be getting more.

Kobe May
Verified Buyer

I have been fishing with these lures for several months and I love them. They are durable and are weed resistant. I have caught a couple of fish with them but can't wait for Spring time so I can get back out on the water.

Bartosz Porter
Verified Buyer

These work great for grassy areas with the hooks hidden. They drive bass wild in the grass and moss. Also handle repeated strikes well. Definitely will buy these again when they wear out

Miruna Reed
Verified Buyer

These are my main lures at all times now. Super durable, great action, and fish seem to love ‘em. Had to come back and buy some more. Do not hesitate to buy these. You’re going to love them.

Cara Lindsay
Verified Buyer

Water temp is about 55 here and we crawled along the bottom and they work period. Use on spinning gear and they cast very well. When you think your reeling slow slow down even more. Caught six on one bait and it still looks new. Buy them 👊

Myla Lynn
Verified Buyer

my grandsons passion is fishing whenever i see something interesting i get it for him

Patrik Dillard
Verified Buyer

Great working lure for Bass etc.. Just attach line and you are ready to go fishing

Kairon Crawford
Verified Buyer

They look and move like a real fish.

Waseem Whitehouse
Verified Buyer

My grandson, who loves fishing for bass, wished for them and likes them a lot.

Ashanti Foley
Verified Buyer

At first, it seemed very small. It is! I fish in dark waters, which is hard for me to see my bait. However, three fish found it!

Margie George
Verified Buyer

Grandson loves these. He loves fishing and has been trying out all his lures.

Reese Bull
Verified Buyer

The product has great appearance. I have the minnows also, the texture of lures where soft n durable...... the only dislike is the hooks. I fish salt water and the hooks are already rusting and unappealing!!!!!!

Menachem Tillman
Verified Buyer

Great product strike on first cast

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