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Car Scratch Repair Nano Spray is a car paint sealant to instantly remove any scratches, bird drops, stone chips, iron powder(caused by oxidation), water spots, UV light fades and any contaminants from your paint. With highly-advanced ceramic formula, it forms a protective 9H ceramic coating after spraying – which prevents any further car damage with long-lasting result!

Also it restores the gloss and shine of car paint and bring it back to its original, flawless condition! Thanks to its ultra hydrophobic nature, it offers easy cleaning without water stain/dirt accumulation.


  • Removes Any Scratch/Mark
    Instantly removes any scratches, bird drops, stone chips, iron powder(caused by oxidation), water spots, UV light fades and any contaminants from your paint.

  • 9H Ceramic Coating
    Applies advanced coating technology to provide ultra hydrophobic coating which significantly reduces water stain, weathering, dirt & debris build-up, giving your car a long-lasting, easy-to-clean result.

  • Shine Restoration
    Leaves a stunning shiny gloss finish without waxing or damaging your car’s paint. No No unsightly white wax mark will be left!

  • Easy 2-step Application
    Just spray & wipe to bring it back to its original, flawless condition!
  • Non-toxic & Long-lasting
    Contains no harmful/toxic chemicals. Leaves a non-greasy, odourless finish that generally lasts for at least 3 months.
  • Wide Usage
    Blendable for any car paint color. Works on various surfaces including wheels, chrome, paint, metal, plastic, rubber, leather, engine and even carpet.


  1. Cleans off dirt and stains on the surface of your car and dry it with a towel.
  2. Directly spray the cleaner on the desired area.
  3. Use a towel or sponge to wipe evenly until the surface is bright and smooth.
  4. Enjoy the stunning shiny gloss finish!


  • Materials: PE
  • Net content: 120ml


  • 1 x Car Scratch Repair Nano Spray


Joe Myers
Verified Buyer

If you are leaving a bad review based on the product you're not using it right.. shipping or otherwise I understand but this stuff is amazing. I get compliments on my vehicle constantly. I take a dry microfiber cloth spray the vehicle in one spot because it's going to disperse quickly, let it disperse until you almost can't see it and then buff it to a shine with the cloth you were using.. that's how I do it and it is amazing. Two or three days later to keep the shine going I will dust off the car with a dry microfiber towel and then use the shine armor and spray it into an unused microfiber towel and buff the car with that.. flipping it over from the dry side to the wet back and forth wiping continuously just as if you were waxing it. If you are putting this on your car when it is Dusty or dirty it's not going to work. I don't understand how this would have bad reviews so my only guess is that somebody is not using it right. This is the only thing I use on my car and it works wonders. I even use it on the plastic parts at the bottom of the vehicle. Occasionally I will wipe my windows with it but you have to be very careful with doing that and wipe them really really good dry or it will streak really bad. I highly recommend this stuff I can't believe it has any bad reviews.

Reggie Harrington
Verified Buyer

I'm fully aware it isn't a replacement for an actual full detail of a paint job. But for a quick clean up, it works much better than any spray detailer I've used. It leaves a good shine, very easy to use, removes most waterspots. I had to clean up one of the race trucks in the shop rather quickly, the body was covered in dust, then rained on, and then dried. Instead of pulling the body off and washing it, I tried this product. About a 2 hour job turned into a 30 minute one. I tried multiple different cleaners before this and they all looked terrible. This body is pretty beat up and scratched but Shine armor made it look as good as it possibly could in the time frame and it will be off tomorrow to prerun the baja 1000 looking good! Thank you Fortify for making an amazing product. I will stock up on this stuff if we can buy it in bulk for all of the race trucks now!

Leon Rodriguez
Verified Buyer

All you need to do is spray it on and wipe it off with a clean cloth. No need for any water at all. Easy to wash your car in the garage in winter months. Best to do in sections rather than spraying the whole car at once. Takes much less time than normal washing and drying, and comes out just as clean. One regular container does 2.5 washes for me.

Zaynah Bright
Verified Buyer

I previously had a small bottle and about to finish and now I got this one for all family cars.

Billie O'Gallagher
Verified Buyer

To start: I did not receive this product free, nor was I compensated in any way. It’s a shame this has to be said. In full transparency, I used this on on an 8 month old 2018 Mazda CX-5 with a premium factory paint (Soul Red Crystal). The paint is pretty impeccable condition, so if you’re using this on an older car, you may have more noticeable results (whether good or disappointing, depending on your paint quality.). Overall, I think this is an above average quick detailer spray, albeit a slightly pricy one. I do think the shine quality is a notch above something like Griot’s, but just barely. Product applied easily and wiped off easily with absolutely no hazing or streaking. Bonus points that you can use this to treat your wheel, windows, and trim as well. Added a slightly deeper depth to the paint, but no more than a full claybar and coat of quality wax would do (though this is less work). As I spent a few hours washing the car and about twenty minutes applying this, you’ll have to wait for an update as to how well this “ceramic” spray beads up water as I’m not undoing my work! That may change it to a 4/5 star review if it sheets off well. I don’t know that I’d spend $20 again on this. The results are decent but not as awe-inspiring as viral marketing may lead you to believe. Take that at face value, as my car’s paint is nearly brand new and we’ll maintained, so your mileage may vary. Nothing is a replacement for a day’s worth of clay barring and waxing. UPDATE: after applying two coats of this a few weeks ago, we had a late-season snowstorm Saturday, followed by constant rain. I added additional photos today to show how much this product beads water. I was floored. I have never waxed this car since I leased it last August- it never beaded up this well. I’ve adjusted to five/five stars. I recommend without hesitation.

Mark Archer
Verified Buyer

Very, very good product and definitely repels and performs exactly the way it say, very happy with purchase and definitely would recommend

Sulayman Glass
Verified Buyer

My car is older so it lost its shine but when I used this on it it really brought it back to life

Chelsey Sharp
Verified Buyer

Works as it should. Lasting shine.

Aliya Russell
Verified Buyer

Probably the best shine on my truck since buying it from the dealer

Maggie Casey
Verified Buyer

excellent ,what I do is go to a Carwash, when your car is completely dry, use a micro fiber cloth, spray it on just a few sprays,you see the difference right away.

Arman Mcintosh
Verified Buyer

Simple to use, works great!

Velma Richard
Verified Buyer

I first used this product on my 20 year old Toyota Rav-4. Beginning 3 years ago. This product brought out the original shine, and it looked like I just drove it out of the showroom!. Nothing would stick to it! After 6 months, of not having to wash it, I just sprayed it down and wiped it clean. Was still working after a year! I just purchased this white van and used this product again. It's a bit more difficult to apply than wax, due to having to wipe it down while it's still wet, then having to shine it again to get the final shine, and can only do small parts at a time. BUT, it's well worth the extra effort! Rise Narens

Elise Parker
Verified Buyer

The wash was easy to apply through the spray but its cleaning capability was somewhat limited. I would recommend thoroughly washing your car and the use tar remover for any problem areas. I do that anyway, so the application of Shine Armor by spray pump was extremely easy and very effective. Love the product!

Tahlia Wilcox
Verified Buyer

5 star (read first before buying) Leaves streaks on black paint, buy small bottle and test out on paint hood small area before going crazy, (glass turned out ok --- NOT! streaks everywhere), product only has 2% iso repellent, use at your own risk. I had to go over the paint with wax to remove streaks. It might be good on newer paint after 2020. Mine was 2012, black paint is tough any way, (no short cuts to shine black paint). I’ll give it a 3 star out of 10. 5 star snake oil, just bad! amazon is not at fault, its just a bad product, I have tried many, Turtle products are just fine for me. OLD SCHOOL no short cuts in life...

Naomi Bolton
Verified Buyer

Don't recall how i "discovered" this product but it really does what it says. With a clean car (water marks are no problem) you just apply a thin coat and buff it with a micro fiber cloth right after application. No waiting and no hard wax removal. The result is a deep mirror shine that will last for several months.

Brogan Reynolds
Verified Buyer

This isn't a cheap cleaner, but as a lazy person, I swear by it. Makes it much easier and faster to turn somewhat dirty cars into smooth, shiny goodness (there are already so many before/after pictures, I don't see the point in adding my own). Just be careful when putting something like drinks on roof right afterwards because they can slide off the very smooth surface (I learned that the hard way). Not intended to clean very dirty cars (nothing other a good old-fashioned scrub down will fix that).

Harold Mcleod
Verified Buyer

Goes on easy looks good

Georgia Knapp
Verified Buyer

It made a good shie & seemed to help remove water spots. Will buy again.

Lilly Beard
Verified Buyer

Excellent shine and water dispersal. Best when allowed to dry then buff off with lambswool pad if available. Application by hand is also OK but buffing really brings out the shine.

Alexandre Marsh
Verified Buyer

I purchased this to replace an almost empty competitor, the competitor did a good job and cost quite a bit more, but this shine armor? It is phenomenal! It does as good to better than the twice as expensive stuff I use to use. I have a full size crew cab Ram, it took me less than 30 minutes to apply and wipe off. I had a lot of water spots and dingy pollen after a brief rain storm, look at the shine in the picture, looks fantastic! This is quick, easy, gets great results and it smells good. I would recommend anyone who wants a quick detailer to get this! 5 stars!

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