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The 2023 Penetrating Glasses features a stylish plus eye protecting function that can block glares and UV light. This is great for day and night driving, and to protect your eye from devices screen brightnessFEATURESSee-Through Paper and  Clothes
The glasses adapts an advanced technology which is the perspective effect that lets you see through a paper or cloth. Polarized Glasses
It has a polarized lenses that lets you see clearly during activities like driving, skiing, boating and fishing. It can protect your eyes from UV rays while you’re out in the sun, from blue light from your computer , and headlights of the vehicles while driving.Fashionable
Be comfortable and stylish at the same time. The 2023 Penetrating Glasses is fashionable with its textured metal hinge and smooth-curved temple tips. PACKAGE INCLUDES

  • 1 x  2023 Penetrating Glasses
  • See-Through Paper and  Clothes
    The glasses adapts an advanced technology which is the perspective effect that lets you see through a paper or cloth. 
  • Polarized Glasses
    It has a polarized lenses that lets you see clearly during activities like driving, skiing, boating and fishing. It can protect your eyes from UV rays while you’re out in the sun, from blue light from your computer , and headlights of the vehicles while driving.
  • Fashionable
    Be comfortable and stylish at the same time. The 2023 Penetrating Glasses is fashionable with its textured metal hinge and smooth-curved temple tips.


Dania Hunter
Verified Buyer

received these yesterday, they fit well, I have trouble finding glasses that fit since I have a Larger head and need wider glasses, these fit well and look good, it was sunny finally today and they work great...

Rhiannan Branch
Verified Buyer

Definitely don't feel like cheap sunglasses totally worth the buy and my new go to sunglasses for the blazing Alaska sun 😎 I love that they came with a hard case a soft case and a large dust cloth. I may buy a second pair!

Ellenor Parker
Verified Buyer

Started out okay, but now there are horizontal streaks along both lens, almost as if the film or whatever does the polarization is split. Makes them unusable.

Sky Carrillo
Verified Buyer

By far the best cheap sunglasses I've found on Amazon, mostly due to really nice polarized lenses. The accessories are nice, but these guys actually did good work in keeping clarity and scratch resistance as priorities, something most cheap sunglasses don't do. I am still worried that they'll scratch, but so far they've held up well.

Humairaa Heaton
Verified Buyer

I own several dozen sunglasses. I am also an investor in a well-known global sunglass company. It is kind of funny that I end up purchasing these inexpensive sunglasses and end up loving them more than any of my previous sunglasses. Why? Because I carelessly lose and break my sunglasses all the time. I want to enjoy life fully without ever worrying about accidently leaving my sunglasses at a cafe table, or falling off while speeding in a boat, or left at the gym.

Willis England
Verified Buyer

Exactly what I wanted! I live in Arizona and as anyone knows it’s bright really bright. I work EMS and I tend to either lose my sunglasses or break them so expensive ones were never a good thing. I found these and man do they feel amazing especially for the price I love the metal arms and the weight of them they have a great look. I will definitely buy these again and recommend them to anyone who’s looking for a killer pair of sunglasses without breaking the bank!

Margo Ramsay
Verified Buyer

I have a big head and I wish I could wear sunglasses but never found a favorite pair. And my nose could never hold up a pair of glasses. So I was so skeptical I just had to order them, I got them shipping was great, and as soon as I got them on I love them, it fits my face perfectly they hold snug it doesn’t slide down and sit nicely on my nose and everything is so clear like I can drive in these I can trust them. I run in these and the sit still. I couldn’t resist I ordered a blue! My son is 5 they fit him he loves them so I ordered blue so he can borrow them when we go outside. And I can wear the black. Love the blue more, more clarity.

Rebekka Ventura
Verified Buyer

I'm very pleased with this sunglasses so far, it fits great and as you can see in pictures it came well packaged. The outer case was somehow damaged in a side but the most important one it's totally fine and besides I got a lot of accessories that helps keep the sunglasses in good shape.

Deacon Mata
Verified Buyer

I was very skeptical of these glasses, for the price I expected junk. They're very well constructed and the polarization is good. It comes with a whole host of waste material that I wish would be reduced, but doesn't impact the quality of the product itself. I would definitely buy again.

Halimah Steele
Verified Buyer

Very nice glasses for a tenth of the price of others similar name brand. -The polarization is fantastic. Does what it says -the weight of the glasses is a little heavier than the dollar tree glasses. They feel well made -the fit is great. I have a wide face and it hugs my head just right -I love that you CAN’T see my eyes when other look at them. The reflection is strong and people can’t tell where I’m looking or if my eyes are rolling (lol) -the protection from the sun is great. I don’t feel like squinting my eyes when driving.

Theia Washington
Verified Buyer

Was looking for large sized sunglasses and these popped up on the Amazon search. Their dimensions were similar to another pair (different brand) that I'd bought in the past. So I gave them a shot. Very good glasses. Love the crisp view from polarized lenses. They are comfortable and sit well on my nose. The fit is nearly perfect for my big, but not huge, head. They could maybe be a millimeter or two wider across the lenses but all in all I'd give them a 98% on fit. If you're a XXL guy with a noggin that follows then these may not be for you. If you wear a L or XL cap then these should fit pretty good. Style is classic and sharp.

Roksana Wills
Verified Buyer

A friend recommended me one of this on a beach trip. After checking the price and other recommendations I decided to buy this model. The presentación is impressive and comes with several ítems. The material is sturdy and the lenses feel durable. The sight with them is sepia and it feels refreshing for the eye. I recommend this glasses for a stylish look and a good protection for daylight.

Grayson Rose
Verified Buyer

Love these sunglasses. I can wear them for hours without hurting my ears. They fit great, and quality is nice. Can’t beat the price for a pair of polarized glasses either!!

Vivien Watt
Verified Buyer

I bought these as my cheap ones were broken and were about to make a drive of several hours. These glasses were GREAT on the trip. They fit well on your head, the metal frame is solid, abd the view through these is really soft on the eyes.

Mylah Burris
Verified Buyer

On more than one occasion I’ve had people come up to me and tell me how cool my glasses look. I love telling them that they were bought on Amazon and were incredibly affordable! I set them down while I was working and someone stepped on them. They were beyond repair but I didn’t really mind because they aren’t expensive so replacing them is really not a big deal. I happily bought another pair. Just try them out! They are my favorite sunglasses and if I ever break the ones I have now I will happily buy them again.

Glenda Sloan
Verified Buyer

I don’t often give 5* reviews, but these sunglasses don’t even seem real for the price. I’ve seen some reviews of the polarization fading over time, so I’ll update my review if I experience anything like that, but my initial impression is fantastic.

Lizzie Horn
Verified Buyer

Was looking for a pair to replace an older set of Vaurnet glasses I have had for years. Ear pieces are finally wearing out on them and these have a very similar shape and size. I like brown lenses, and thought I would give these a try as they are not expensive. I have only had them for a week and a half, but I am very impressed with the lens clarity and the light weight lets them stay on my face even over bumpy roads and trails when I am riding my road or mountain bikes. Hopefully the lenses will hold up scratch-wise. They give you a nice case and a carry bag/cleaning cloth which I am trying to use - overall a great pair of sunglasses.

Simon Fitzgerald
Verified Buyer

These sunglasses just arrived and I felt I had to write a review immediately. I'm very impressed. Beautifully packaged - I've bought sunglasses that cost several hundred dollars but weren't packaged as well as these. Someone in this company has a good sense of packaging (think Apple) - they come in a nice, smug box, have a "leather" case and a cloth bag (depending on which you prefer), and have a cloth to polish/clean them with.

Saffa Massey
Verified Buyer

This shirt is a perfect lightweight garment and can be used in many ways. Work out, with jeans and even slacks with a scarf and accessories. It is easy to carry in a suitcase as it folds up to a thin and non-wrinkling item. it is light enough to wear in rather warm weather if need be, and you are completely covered. It washes well, but I turn mine inside out when washing. I plan to buy other colors. I like it very much. Good price too!

Joy James
Verified Buyer

Couldn't decide on what type of designer sunglasses I wanted and I needed a pair for when I road trip. I ended up ordering these for temporary use, until I buy the ones I want. However, I love these! They do a great job protecting your eyes from the sun. It's not necessarily lightweight, but it's not heavy either. The only thing I don't like about it is it feels very hot when my car is also hot. Maybe because of the color and material, but I feel like I need to blow on it to cool it down or put it in front of the AC before actually using it.

Theodore Lawson
Verified Buyer

I'm still wearing the pair I bought in 2018 and 2 other pair Merry's sunglasses and 3 pair Merry's readers. The sunglasses get tossed in purse, car console, everywhere else and they are extremely scratch resistant. I cleaned my sunglasses and since 2018 there is one very tiny 'nick' on one lens and that's it. I wouldn't believe this if I didn't see it, own them, wear them. I've had very expensive sunglasses that didn't endure my use like these. The fit is great. The readers' power is accurate and true for me. I hope the Merry's Company get's this review and my thanks for a quality product that performs and hold up to my neglect and is affordable.

Holly Tillman
Verified Buyer

Was looking for some new shades to use as I film alot. I tend to loose my sunglasses often though. At first I was hesitant to buy these, but for the price I figured I had not much to loose.

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