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Recommended By Physical Therapists: Proven to hold the shoulder in place while working out.

✅ Immediate Rotator Cuff & Shoulder Support: Feel your shoulder stabilize as soon as you wear it.

✅ Perfect For: Sprains, arthritis, sore arm, torn rotator cuffs, shoulder strains, dislocated AC joint, bursitis, labrum tears, tendonitis and impingement syndrome.

✅ Key Benefits: Maintaining normal range of movements, preventing re-injury of healing shoulder muscles, aiding fast recovery after shoulder surgery.

✅ Join over 10,000 Customers – And Counting – Enjoying More Comfortable Lives.

How Our Brace Relieves Shoulder Pain

The reason why shoulder injuries never heal or get better is that the shoulder keeps getting re-injured over and over again – let me explain.

Once the shoulder is injured, the delicate muscles and tendons around the shoulder joint lose the ability to support the shoulder and keep it firmly within the shoulder socket. This is why you can hear cracking sounds and feel pain.

Instead of being held in a strong position, the shoulder is forced to move while being in a weak position – practically popping in and out of its socket! This is continuously causing re-injury.

All your shoulder needs is extra support to keep it in a strong position while it recovers, so it could avoid the constant re-injuries. That’s where Kinetix Shoulder Brace comes in!

Our Footpathemed® Shoulder Brace uses a proprietary Neo-Copper Stabilizing technology. This combines the soft flexibility of Neoprene fabric with the strong metallic properties of copper particles to provide the right amount of support to put the shoulder in a strong position, without sacrificing mobility. Almost like an extra set of fake muscles and ligaments designed to support your real ones.

It doesn’t matter if your shoulder pain is caused by a rotator cuff injury, osteoarthritis, frozen shoulder, or pinched nerves, the Footpathemed® Shoulder Brace will help get rid of the pain and speed up recovery.

No matter what sort of shoulder pain you’re experiencing, the root cause of it all is some form of injury or inflammation in the shoulder. And putting your shoulder in a stable position that allows it to recover without continuous re-injury is vital for your recovery.

What could potentially be a huge problem is that with each re-injury, the shoulder gets closer to never being able to function the way it did. Scar tissue can continuously build, causing permanent pain and loss of movement.

Don’t sit around hoping for your shoulder pain to go away. And don’t rely on pain medications or massages that just get rid of the pain temporarily. You need to give your shoulder the chance to recover!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Blown away!

“Not only did I get same day delivery, but this shoulder brace worked to immediately take away the pain from my injured rotatory cuff. I never expected it to work so well! I am super pleased how it took the pain away so quickly! One of the best purchases I’ve made.”

– Sarah F.

It’s incredible

“This shoulder brace is wonderful! The support it provides, plus the reasonable budget-friendly price is incredible. I recommend it to anyone with shoulder issues. I have torn rotator cuff symptoms and this really helps eliminate my pain, allowing me to use my arm again.”

– Mark S.

This is God send!

“This shoulder brace has been a God send with much relief of pain for my shoulder, gave me better range of motion without the constant pain – helps to put off surgery, doctor said that it’s the last resort so my message to you is to try this product, you’ll be glad you did . . . . thanks for a great product!”

-Michelle F.



Questions? We’ve Got You Covered

1,How long should I wear my shoulder brace?

The amount of time that you need to wear your shoulder brace will depend on the severity of your condition. In general, it is best to wear the brace as much as possible in the early stages of treatment, then gradually reduce the amount of time you wear it as your symptoms improve. When your symptoms have improved, you should only wear it during activities that hurt your shoulder.

2,Can my shoulder brace be worn for left and right?

Yes, you can wear your shoulder brace either for your left or right shoulder.

3,Should a shoulder brace be tight?

Your shoulder support brace should fit snugly but not be so tight that it is uncomfortable. You should be able to move your arm freely while wearing the brace, but it should not slip down or slide around.

4,Can I wear my shoulder brace while sleeping?

Can I wear my shoulder brace while sleeping?

5,Does my shoulder brace support hot/cold therapy?

Yes, our shoulder brace have a pocket where you can place your hot or cold pad

6,What size is the shoulder brace?

It’s a one size fits all. You adjust the straps to make it fit comfortably.

7,Can I wear my shoulder brace under my clothes?

Yes, we’ve designed it to be almost invisible under clothes. You can also wear it over your clothes.

8,Is my shoulder brace better than a massage or physical therapy?

Unlike a massage or physical therapy session, you can use the Footpathemed® shoulder brace whenever and wherever you want. There’s no need to pay $100 per hour to consult a chiropractor or physical therapist. 

You buy it once and use it over and over!

Additionally, a massage and physical therapy session only provide temporary relief for a few hours maximum. 

Why Us?

  • We work directly with manufacturers all over the world to ensure the best quality of our products. We have a Quality Control department which helps us to keep our promise!
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Daniela Nelson
Verified Buyer

I don't write product reviews very often but this "product" is of such great design and quality that I'm putting my usual laziness on hold. I have dislocated my right shoulder several times, years ago, and now that shoulder aches most of the time and feels like it will pop out of it's socket at anytime. Scary because getting it back in is painful. So along comes Copper Joe. There are several shoulder braces available but something caught my interest when I saw the C-J entry in the competition, very strait forward, no fluff. So I gave it a try. WOW, for my shoulder it's perfect! Puts pressure just where it's needed. What more can I say?

Arthur Garrison
Verified Buyer

My husband was happy and content with this purchased.

Xander Slater
Verified Buyer

My boyfriend and I use this for shoulder recovery when we have shoulder pain after intense workouts. It’s easy to use and comes with adjustable straps so it fits both of our arms. The material is really durable, flexible and comfortable when you have it on and able to resume any regular activity. Works well to heal shoulder pain and highly recommend.

Ralph Davidson
Verified Buyer

I purchased these at the same time as another set but these were so much more comfortable that I never wear the others. They keep cool and have the perfect amount of compression to help alleviate joint pain after long surf sessions. As an older guy these have been a great find.

Joshua Nash
Verified Buyer

This product is used for a drop shoulder i have after suffering a stroke. it is infused with copper so it will probably help any arthritis you may have.

Eleri Mcmahon
Verified Buyer

The peron Said it fits find and supports his shoulder

Katy Huff
Verified Buyer

Received my order and it was a bit to small so I called customer service and Joe sent me out a 2pk of xl and a 2pk of 2xl just to makes sure.

Sapphire Hartley
Verified Buyer

Good for the price. But definitely need to spend a lil more on a better one for better support but works as should

Dexter Delgado
Verified Buyer

Worked so well for this 63 year old that I loaned it to my 16 year old grand daughter who is a softball player. She wouldn't give it back, I had to order another one for me. High marks from a wide age gap!

Lilian Howard
Verified Buyer

This is really helpful for my husband. He used it everyday for work. Keep the shoulder in place…it is great!

Riley Kane
Verified Buyer

Wow, I was and still is amazed about MY copper Joe compression shoulder support, I even wear it when I don’t need it.

Shauna Chandler
Verified Buyer

I wear this 18 hours a day since I got it. It is very comfortable and I really am not aware that I am actually wearing it most of the time. It does help with my shoulder pain.

Rosa Peters
Verified Buyer

I had ordered two sleeves and had one of them to be defective with the sewing on the upper band. They gladly replaced the defective one along with 3 extra ones. You cannot beat that!!!

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